Mastering Offer

If you are new to mastering, email us a high-quality, copyrighted mp3.  We will master one-half of the song for you so you may hear the difference mastering can make.

If you are experienced with mastering, send or upload to Dropbox® a copyrighted .wav file and we will master one-half of the song for you.  Then you can compare it to other mastering houses and pick your favorite.  Syntharts has been put to this challenge and been judged superior to mastering houses on both coasts in terms of sound quality and cost!

One of the purposes of mastering is to adjust the overall volume to be equal to commercially released cuts.  Most replication facilities offer this service, for a fee.  Unfortunately, this is sometimes all you get when hiring them, or you get a very basic overall “cookie cutter” approach to mastering your CD.  At Syntharts each song is mastered, not only for volume, but for compression, equalization and ambience.  This process brings out the very best, and it is balanced, cut to cut.  Syntharts delivers the extra attention your music deserves, and it does so always at competitive prices.

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