Whether you need to record advertising, instructional-video voice-overs, spoken-word projects, single artists, full bands, remote or live-concert choirs, tracking is where the project gets underway and each client’s creativity is captured.  Microphone selection, placement, preamp selection and level decisions are made with the focus on performing these tasks as transparently as possible to the artist. Great care is taken to be efficient and effective in use of time. The isolation room acoustic treatment was designed by Steve Diamond of Anderson Group International.  Artists love the sound and feel of the room with its daytime natural and indirect lighting.  Whether you are recording single vocals and instruments, string and flute quartets, horn sections, drums and percussion, or a 12-person a cappella group, the sound of the room is faithful and flexible.
Once the tracking and overdubbing are done, it is time to mix the tracks to fit the genre and style of the project.  Whether it is a single voice-over track or 50 music tracks, this is when only years of experience can blend the artist’s vision into reality.  Mixing is done with volume, equalization, panning and effects to give the project its sound.  This is when decisions are made for the placement and sonic space of each voice and instrument.  With access to thousands of mix and effect plug-in options, mixing brings into play the audio engineer’s experience and artistry.
This final stage is the icing on the cake and brings out the best in the mix for each final listening destination and environment.  The mastering engineer makes sure the voice or instrument sounds are the very best, whether played on a fine home system, car system or personal music player.  For album projects, this stage is when the song order is determined and sequenced.  Final compression, equalization, volume, and time between songs are applied so the flow from cut to cut is even and musical.  Especially when material comes from multiple studios or when it was recorded at different times, in the mastering stage the engineer makes the songs sound as if they came from one source and time.  Now the final polish and format of the material are applied, and the master CD is delivered for replication or web distribution.  Experience is the master teacher in this art form.
In all these areas, Syntharts and Michael McDonald have the experience of years and thousands of project hours to bring your vision to reality in a fun, relaxed and creative experience.  Our goal is to always exceed your expectations in art, quality, and budget.

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